Getting around in Singapore with the MRT!

Met Engels moesten we een tijdje geleden een review essay schrijven. Dit moest gaan over een vervoermiddel in Singapore, zoals de MRT, bus of taxi. Ik koos voor de MRT (de metro) en terwijl ik de essay aan het schrijven was, bedacht ik me dat het ook wel leuk was om hierover wat op mijn website te schrijven! Eerst wilde ik de essay vertalen naar het Nederlands, maar terwijl ik dat aan het doen was, kwam ik erachter dat het een veel minder leuk stukje werd en dat het minder lekker liep. Daarom heb ik ervoor gekozen om hem toch in het Engels over te typen, dus lees mee en leer meer over de MRT in Singapore!


The MRT in Singapore takes you everywhere. There is no “middle-of-nowhere” in Singapore, because there will always be an MRT station. And they’re building even more! It is a very easy way of getting around, and it operates very often. Did you just miss the train? Don’t worry, within 2 to 4 minutes, there will be another one.

The MRT is also very safe. There are cameras everywhere and there are also a lot of people who make sure you’re getting on the MRT safely. But when you think you’re out of sight, you’re still not allowed to eat! You’re being watched on the cameras and a voice will tell the whole station no food is allowed. The MRT can sometimes be very busy, which will remind you of the big city you live in. For example in Little India, it is always busy here, which isn’t pleasant if you’re in a hurry. You might even have to let the first train go and wait for another one.

Some MRT carriages are prepared for the fact that it can be very busy. They therefore don’t have seats at all. Even though this seems aggravating, this does provide more space. The MRT carriages that do have seats have special seating places for the elderly and pregnant women. As a student, you’re allowed to sit there too, but you will have to stand up and offer your seat when you see someone who needs it more.

The MRT occasionally doesn’t operate. This causes problems, because a lot of people use it to get to work or to school. However, it is often just for a couple of hours and it is only for your safety. Most of the time nothing bad has happened, but they check it just to make sure. The MRT doesn’t operate at night, which is inconvenient when you need to go to the airport or return home late at night or early in the morning, because taxis are always more expensive, especially at this time.

You will not be able to use the MRT without an EZ-link card, because you have to use this to open the small gates that give you entrance to the MRT. You can easily put money on the card by using a top-up machine. These can be found at every station.

The MRT is a very easy and cheap method of transportation and it is definitely worth using it.


  1. Leuk bericht over de MRT, Ik kon hem niet letterlijk vertalen maar wel goed begrijpen. Krijg je hier ook een cijfer voor of hoort dit bij een opdracht. Gr. Oma


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  2. Ja, hier heb ik ook een cijfer voor gekregen. We wisten van tevoren niet waar we over moesten schrijven, en we kregen 50 minuten de tijd.


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